Climate change and insects: 3 things to watch out for

Some people don’t believe in climate change. For a while, our ex-environment minister himself didn’t believe in climate change. Until most of us have experienced the effects of climate change first hand, we might not change our minds either.

Review: Virunga

Mining, murder, and mountain gorillas: Virunga National Park

Elixirs Of Death: Lessons From The Grave

Silent Spring revolutionised international attitude to pesticides. But 50 years on, have we lost touch with Rachel Carson’s legacy, and what could the future bring?

A Meaty Issue

842 million people go undernourished in the world every day, largely down to discrepancies in food utilisation, access, and availability: the three components defining food security.

Review: Cowspiracy

Animal agriculture may be the most destructive force contributing to global climate change. But environmental organisations are being made to keep quiet, whilst activists have been murdered for speaking out. Those are the real facts.

Does money grow on trees? The debate continues

‘Natural Capital’ is populating the news, sparking moral debates, bringing conservationists to the edge of their seats: the choice to commodify something we have evolved with for centuries? Back in March I wrote this little… Continue reading

Should we rely on science to inform policy?

Today marks the start of the badger cull Round 2. The hugely controversial cull of a British Icon has sparked debate across the nation, and many contend that science has not been the basis… Continue reading

September: Get Employed?

September swings around, unexpectedly again. With it, the familiar sense of anxiety that accompanies the new academic year. However, I have noticed a (probably not) unusual number of entry-level jobs, courses, and opportunities… Continue reading

Review: Stories For Our Children – The World in 2050

With the world falling apart at the seams, inspiring the next generation to act is of upmost importance. Published by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in 2010, ‘Stories for our children: the… Continue reading

Tick Slap Tock Chop Warble: ID’ing bats in the field

What are you lot doing? Are there really bats in this park!? Are you serious? Oh god where’s my dog! Bats often conjure ideas of blood sucking parasites, evil night flying creatures, squealing… Continue reading