Ideas for the future

Some great sites with amazing suggestions:

1) Homesteading and Survivalism

      Amazing site built by a team dedicated to sustainable living and recycling. Find them on Facebook; they post some incredible pictures, like this contraption:

'Outdoor hanging bed/lounge/play area.... made from an old trampoline!'

‘Outdoor hanging bed/lounge/play area…. made from an old trampoline!’

2) Cabin porn

      Ignore the name, this site is dedicated to posting photos of some bizarre architectural accomplishments, all over the globe. Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’ gone wrong:

Saami hut in Sweden. Submitted by Charles Gaspar

Saami hut in Sweden. Submitted by Charles Gaspar

3. Beautiful Engineering

     Pretty similar to Homesteading, this group posts some amazing innovate solutions and beautiful designs:734231_554452227899635_1322769309_n

4. Twisted Sifter‘s Life Hacks

    One of the best blog posts I’ve seen in a long time, this page had so many genius solutions to very simple, very annoying problems: