Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Vegetarianism for lent?

What to give up for lent? Of course it isn’t a necessity, but the opportunity to supposedly better your life by giving up some kind of delicious item seems more tempting every year.… Continue reading

Review: Africa

The much anticipated brand new Attenborough series, Africa, appeared on our screens very fittingly in January just as the snow settled into the UK from the Arctic. The 6 part series explored the… Continue reading

Urban foraging

For the cheaper lifestyle, (bin-raiders, allotment-goers), foraging is a must for anyone with a passion for nature. There is an abundance of free food around, whether you live in the city or the… Continue reading

The Slow Loris

Youtube turned the slow loris into an internet celebrity. ‘Slow loris with tiny umbrella’, with over 6 million hits in multiple videos, portrayed a harmless, bizarre looking creature with large, innocent eyes. But… Continue reading