Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Review: Blackfish

Blackfish is an old, colloquial fishermen’s name for the orca or killer whale. Gabriela Cowperthwaite slowly reveals in this gripping and torturous docufilm that the ‘killer’ is not the monochrome whale himself, but… Continue reading

Fracking: why we’ve lost the war

You’ve heard it all over the internet, the news, and television; ‘fracking’ is causing a public furore in the UK.¬†Whilst incurring protests, MP arrests, and a huge lobbying campaign, the war is dying… Continue reading

London’s cutest secret

Some of my previous posts discussed the common urban problem of city foxes. With the mammals happily thriving in the concrete jungle, I set up my camera trap in the nearby allotments to… Continue reading

The dangers of being a conservationist

Conservationists are happy, caring, passionate people who just want to make a change. They get to travel to amazing countries, see exotic animals, and earn some respect in the process. Or so it… Continue reading

The GM controversy reviewed

Is it natural? Should we accept genetically modified (GM) foods into the market? Are GM products bad for our health? Is GM environmentally sound? The hot debate lies at the heart of our… Continue reading

Review: The Philosopher and the Wolf – Mark Rowlands

Mark Rowlands, philosopher and lecturer, first purchased a wolf when he was in his 20’s. The US law prohibits the ownership of a pure bred wolf, but permits breeds that may be up… Continue reading