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A Meaty Issue

842 million people go undernourished in the world every day, largely down to discrepancies in food utilisation, access, and availability: the three components defining food security.


Does money grow on trees? The debate continues

‘Natural Capital’ is populating the news, sparking moral debates, bringing conservationists to the edge of their seats: the choice to commodify something we have evolved with for centuries? Back in March I wrote this little… Continue reading

Tick Slap Tock Chop Warble: ID’ing bats in the field

What are you lot doing? Are there really bats in this park!? Are you serious? Oh god where’s my dog! Bats often conjure ideas of blood sucking parasites, evil night flying creatures, squealing… Continue reading

The Future of Conservation?

With populations on the rise, issues such as habitat loss, invasive species, and overexploitation are following suit. As technology and research advance alongside, we are hopeful that solutions to just some of these… Continue reading

Citizen Science for the Critically Endangered

The critically endangered european eel, Anguilla anguilla, is a mysterious animal whose life history is of great curiosity. Larvae are spawned in the Sargasso Sea, particular for it’s clear calm waters, before drifting towards Europe. Across… Continue reading

Is there a future for sustainable palm oil?

The international production of palm oil threatens wild habitats, communities, and global biodiversity. Plantations cause fragmentation and forest degradation in habitats that harbour endangered sumatran tigers, orangutans, and other vulnerable species. The development… Continue reading

National Nest Box Week

What is National Nest Box Week? National Nest Box Week (NNBW), organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), is spreading the word this February, encouraging the general public to put up nest… Continue reading

The GM controversy reviewed

Is it natural? Should we accept genetically modified (GM) foods into the market? Are GM products bad for our health? Is GM environmentally sound? The hot debate lies at the heart of our… Continue reading

A Quick Consumer Guide to Ethical-Eating

More and more people are getting involved in the environmental movement. Many are starting by making informed decisions about what to buy and where, with the switch from the corrupt, profit-driven corporate supermarkets, to… Continue reading

Vegetarianism for lent?

What to give up for lent? Of course it isn’t a necessity, but the opportunity to supposedly better your life by giving up some kind of delicious item seems more tempting every year.… Continue reading