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Climate change and insects: 3 things to watch out for

Some people don’t believe in climate change. For a while, our ex-environment minister himself didn’t believe in climate change. Until most of us have experienced the effects of climate change first hand, we might not change our minds either.


Western Australia to Cull Endangered Sharks

Shark attacks have caused deaths in 7 people over the last 3 years. In a bid to reduce the possibility of attack, the Western Australian (WA) government is proposing that the Shark Drum… Continue reading

To Bet Or Not To Bet: Grand National 2014

‘The ultimate test of horse and rider‘ returns this year on Saturday 5th April. Run since the mid-1800s, the Grand National at Aintree comprises a heavy 16 fence course run over 4 miles, featuring notorious… Continue reading

Does Money Grow on Trees?

The answer is no. Of course, you can save money by growing (and selling) your own produce, as guerilla gardener Ron Finley told us. Stake holders have been trying to decipher how much our environment… Continue reading

Hugh’s Fish Fight Continues…

Since Fight Fight series one, TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has returned to remind everyone what we are fighting for. His inspirational campaign was a success, and European international fishing law was changed. We… Continue reading

The Tallest Debate Of 2014

Why do we have zoos? You must stop and ask yourself, what is the purpose of a zoo? Commercial profits, regional tourism, and awareness of biodiversity are just a few.  Over 700 million… Continue reading

Princes and ministers unite at illegal trade summit

On February 12th and 13th, ministers from around the world will come together in London to discuss the illegal wildlife trade, estimated to be worth a staggering £11.5 billion. Amongst those in attendance,… Continue reading

Fracking: why we’ve lost the war

You’ve heard it all over the internet, the news, and television; ‘fracking’ is causing a public furore in the UK. Whilst incurring protests, MP arrests, and a huge lobbying campaign, the war is dying… Continue reading

Badger cull given the green light

    `Now, the VERY next time this happens,’ said a gruff and suspicious voice, `I shall be exceedingly angry. Who is it THIS time, disturbing people on such a night? Speak up!’… Continue reading

£430,000 on the face of nature

A cure for cancer, an aphrodisiac, an antioxidant cleanser. The rhinocerous horn has been renown in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, although evidence for its actual medicinal properties is, in fact, nil. Despite this, the… Continue reading