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Let’s kill all our pets?

Since the recent story regarding the boy whose hand was mauled by a ‘fox’ in South London,  urban animals are bearing the brunt of human anger in our contemporary environmental news stories. Today, a… Continue reading

Illegal animal trade?

The CITES Convention 2013 is currently underway; the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand. Hot topics so far have included overfishing of sharks, elephants in… Continue reading

Urban foxes: what’s the deal?

Urban foxes are a common occurrence in cities and suburbs. I’m used to seeing them around the streets near my home in London. The foxes are not from the country; they are indeed… Continue reading

Shark Attack!

Shark attacks are one of the worlds most fascinating, yet rather unfortunate, events in the constant battle between humans and nature. Sadly, sharks often fall at the losing end, with some species being… Continue reading

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Poisoning the Galapagos

Arguably the most talked about archipelago on the planet, the Galapagos Islands are a hub of fascination, where tourism and conservation go head to head in an economically-driven, Ecuadorian-run, battle for conservation. After… Continue reading