The dangers of being a conservationist

Conservationists are happy, caring, passionate people who just want to make a change. They get to travel to amazing countries, see exotic animals, and earn some respect in the process. Or so it… Continue reading

The GM controversy reviewed

Is it natural? Should we accept genetically modified (GM) foods into the market? Are GM products bad for our health? Is GM environmentally sound? The hot debate lies at the heart of our… Continue reading

Review: The Philosopher and the Wolf – Mark Rowlands

Mark Rowlands, philosopher and lecturer, first purchased a wolf when he was in his 20’s. The US law prohibits the ownership of a pure bred wolf, but permits breeds that may be up… Continue reading

Review: Queen of the Sun

Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? (2010) is the newest docu-film from Emmy nominated documentary-filmmaker Taggart Siegel. Together with director Jon Betz, and whole host of bee-related fanatics, they… Continue reading

Greenwashing: Beware!

They come in many forms. Slogans, packaging and policies. Playing off your weakness and your fear for the environment, Greenwashers are using you. This sly form of advertisement ensures that you commit your… Continue reading

Badger cull given the green light

    `Now, the VERY next time this happens,’ said a gruff and suspicious voice, `I shall be exceedingly angry. Who is it THIS time, disturbing people on such a night? Speak up!’… Continue reading

Forecasting Armageddon

Sustainability is the buzz word of our generation. With global human population on the rise, food shortages, natural disasters, and conflict are setting in. Oxford University’s Future Of Humanity institute published a study this… Continue reading

£430,000 on the face of nature

A cure for cancer, an aphrodisiac, an antioxidant cleanser. The rhinocerous horn has been renown in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, although evidence for its actual medicinal properties is, in fact, nil. Despite this, the… Continue reading

Review: Sensational Butterflies

Living in London has it’s advantages. The Natural History Museum annually host the Sensational Butterflies exhibit, allowing hundreds of exotic specimens to literally fly into your face. Unfortunately, the organisers appear to have… Continue reading

Review: Project Nim

Directed by the James Marsh – maker of the Academy Award-winning ‘Man on Wire’ – Project Nim (2011) tells the story of an unsettling attempt at the domestication of, and communication with, a… Continue reading