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Does money grow on trees? The debate continues

‘Natural Capital’ is populating¬†the news, sparking moral debates, bringing conservationists to the edge of their seats: the choice to commodify something we have evolved with for centuries? Back in March I¬†wrote this little… Continue reading

September: Get Employed?

September swings around, unexpectedly again. With it, the familiar sense of anxiety that accompanies the new academic year. However, I have noticed a (probably not) unusual number of entry-level jobs, courses, and opportunities… Continue reading

Tick Slap Tock Chop Warble: ID’ing bats in the field

What are you lot doing? Are there really bats in this park!? Are you serious? Oh god where’s my dog! Bats often conjure ideas of blood sucking parasites, evil night flying creatures, squealing… Continue reading

Tackling Tradition for Royal Reputation

This week The Guardian slated HRH Prince William for taking part in a pheasant shooting in Spain, shortly before joining the World Wildlife Symposium hosted by the Zoological Society of London, where the… Continue reading

Review: The Aye-aye and I – Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell, the comedic naturalist famed for his witty tales of animal encounters during his colonial upbringing, tells the tale of an Expedition to Madagascar in 1992. During the trip, funded by various… Continue reading

London’s cutest secret

Some of my previous posts discussed the common urban problem of city foxes. With the mammals happily thriving in the concrete jungle, I set up my camera trap in the nearby allotments to… Continue reading